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Elevating the national Agri commodity industry and setting international standards for agricultural practice.

Total size:

308 Acres (124.7 has)

Total planting fields:

Plot 1 – 3 fields (46.9 has)
Plot 2 – 4 fields (45.8)
Plot 3 – 3 fields (14.2 has)


1. Cocoa
2. Durian

Smart Cocoa & Durian plantation
in partnership with the
Malaysian Cocoa Board
Operator – Genbayu Gemilang Sdn Bhd
(wholly owned subsidiary of Permaju Industries Berhad)

Permaju Bukit Gangis Smart

Cocoa Plantation

In partnership with the Malaysian Cocoa Board (MCB) and the Ministry of Plantation Industries and Commodities (MPIC), we have embarked on opening Malaysia’s first and largest smart Single Origin Cocoa plantation. 

The new Permaju Bukit Gangis Smart Plantation will be in Setul in the Seremban District of Negeri Sembilan. It will consist of 120 hectares of Single Origin Malaysian Cocoa intercropped with an array of fruiting crops.

The project aims to break new ground by utilizing cutting edge mechanizations and precision agriculture/Agri-IoT solutions to optimize production and improve quality, with the eventual goal of establishing Malaysia as one of the leading producers of fine Single Origin Cocoa in the world. 


Permaju Seberang Perak Agropark

With Malaysia's worsening food security
situation where our agricultural sector
accounts for only 7 per cent of GDP
(2019 figures), Malaysia is still unable to
be self-sufficient in basic food production.
Permaju Plantation Sdn Bhd has entered into
a stratgic partnership with FELCRA Bekalan
& Perkhidmatan Sdn. Bhd. (a subsidiary of
Felcra Berhad) to setup and operate Felcra's
first Smart Agropark.

Permaju Agropark Seberang Perak will be
located in Felcra Changkat Lada, Kampung
Gajah in Seberang Perak and will consist of
63.15 hectares of mix crop plantation and
livestock produce.

This project will be the first smart integrated
Agropark in Malaysia that utilizes mechanization,
precision agriculture / Agri-Iot and good
agricultural practices to produce various
upstream animal feedstocks (grains, grasses and
legumes) and livestock in a sustainable manner.

Total size:

156.781 Acres (63.447 has)

Total planting fields:

15 fields (52.78 has)


1. Upstream animal feed
(Maize, grasses & legumes)
2. Livestock (ruminants)

Smart Mix Crop and Livestock Agropark
in partnership with
Felcra Bekalan & Perkhidmatan Sdn. Bhd.
Operator – Permaju Plantation Sdn Bhd
(wholly owned subsidiary of Permaju Industries Berhad)

Planting Smarter with Precision Agriculture and Agri-IoT

The Group’s transition from timber to cocoa will create new opportunities for profitability in a less cluttered space. Considerations for fully automated processes, machine learning, and data-driven methodologies are being made to achieve peak efficiency and quality. 


In a climate of uncertainty lies opportunity, and the Group intends to enjoy first mover advantage by capitalizing on new technologies whilst retaining our core principals of valuing the expertise and potential of our people.

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