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Corporate Structure

Corporate Structure
Board Of Directors

Board Of Directors


Germany, Male, 37

Independent Non-Executive Chairman

Product Manager with more than 10 years of experience in medium sized companies and multinational companies in the automation and electrical industry. Primary focused on strategic product management, project development and business development.

He graduated in Bachelor degree of the University of Applied Sciences Hannover and a Master degree at the University of Wilhelmshafen, Oldenburg, Elsfleth


Malaysia, Male, 51

Executive Director

Mr. Tang has more than 28 years of working experience in the Information, Communication & Technology industry, and his expertise range from technical, marketing, business development, operation to corporate management, and finance. He has successfully held a number of senior management roles in various public listed companies in countries such as Malaysia, Hong Kong and New Zealand. Prior joining mTouche Technology Berhad, Permaju Industries Berhad, Pasukhas Group Berhad, Joe Holdings Berhad and Meridian Berhad, Mr. Tang was the Chief Operation Officer of MyKris Limited, a company listed on the New Zealand Alternative Exchange (NZAX).


He received an undergraduate degree from Federal Institute of Technology and an MBA from Wawasan Open University Sdn. Bhd


Singapore, Male, 60

Executive Director

Mr Ting started his career in the United States of America in IT at one of the major Telco Company in U.S.A and at Morgan Stanley NYC. before moving back to Asia in the early 90s to start a career in new start-ups, corporate re-structuring, change and strategic management; management consulting and M&A in a wide range of industries across Asia Pacific and Indo China. He has held top management position for the last 25+ years either as MD, COO and/or CEO at various companies.


He has a Degree in Decision Management System from University of Maryland – U.S.A. & A Master of Business Management in International Business from George Washington University – U.S.A.


Singapore, Male, 52

Independent and Non Executive Director

In 1997, Mr. Chew Shin Yong, Mark ("Mr. Chew") joined the Malahon Group of Companies in their stockbroking division, Malahon Securities Limited. He was then appointed as their Director in 2002, having been a registered dealer with the Hong Kong Exchanges and the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong.  Mr. Chew co-founded Mejority Capital Limited in 2012 and as a Principal, was actively involved in the firm's public equity business via Mejority Securities Limited, a participant of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. He was also responsible for setting up Messaging Technologies (H.K.) Limited which is a subsidiary of M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad and is involved in its daily operations. On 27 February 2008, he was appointed as the Executive Chairman of M3 Technologies (Asia) Berhad. He also has interests in various private limited companies in countries outside Malaysia which are involved in various businesses. Mr. Chew was appointed as an Independent Non-Executive Director of Permaju Industries Berhad on 4 October 2017.


Malaysia, Male,

Independent and Non Executive Director

Mr Ho has accumulated more than 10 years of working experience in the accounting, auditing and banking industry. He has been admitted as a fellow of Association of Chartered Certified Accountants in 2013 and he is also a memberof the Malaysian Institute of Accountants.

Key Of Management
Key Management Team


Malaysia, Male, 37

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Hon has more than 15 years of work experience in the Automotive and Agricultural industry specializing in automotive engineering, plantation management, business development and corporate management. Starting his career in Australia with Exxon Mobil before moving into the automotive industry with Toyota Motor Corporation for 8 years (Australia, Japan and Europe) in the fields of quality, production and design engineering. He later moved back to Asia and gained experience in the agriculture and agricommodity industry, specializing in the fields of Plantation Setup and Management, Crop Diversification as well as Precision Agriculture.


He graduated with a Degree of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia.


Malaysia, Male, 54

Group Financial Controller

Mr Yee Yit Yang began his career with an international accounting firm and then moved on to an investment bank in which he was involved with various corporate restructuring exercises. Currently, he is attached with a private consultancy firm.

He is a member of the Malaysia Institute of Accountants. He is an Independent and Non-Executive Director of Mlabs Systems Berhad, Key Alliance Group Berhad and Vertice Berhad (formerly known as Voir Holdings Berhad).

Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

  • Board Charter Read Here

  • Whistle Blowing Policy Read Here

  • Corporate Governance Report Read Here

  • Term of reference of Audit and Risk Management Committee Read Here

  • Term of reference of Normination Committee Read Here

  • Term of reference of Renumeration Committee Read Here

  • Anti Bribary & Anti Corruption Policy Read Here

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